Am I A Candidate for A Facelift?

Am I A Candidate for A Facelift?

Sun damage, genetics, and lifestyle habits can make us age prematurely. Skin can begin to sag, fine lines and wrinkles gradually appear, and our complexion isn’t what it used to be. If you’ve recently looked in the mirror and aren’t quite happy with the person looking back at you, it may be time to consider enlisting the help of a facelift. The procedure is highly sought-after by men and women alike and is ideal for restoring a well-rested, youthful appearance.

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A facelift can address moderate to severe signs of aging on the mid-to-lower face as well as the upper neck. During your procedure, Dr. Brady Harris will meticulously work to remove excess skin, thin unwanted fat pads, and tighten the underlying muscles for a natural, younger-looking you. Dr. Harris is a board-certified surgeon with the skill necessary to provide outstanding results with minimal side effects, downtime, or scarring.

There is no ideal age for a facelift. Every person ages differently according to the body they were born with and outside circumstances such as diet, exercise, and sun exposure. Although most patients start to think about facelift surgery in their 40’s and 50’s, some consider the procedure much earlier. Healthy adults can have successful outcomes into their 80’s.

Facelift surgery requires downtime.  Dr. Harris likes to say there is physical downtime and social downtime.  Dr. Harris often incorporates fat transfer, skin resurfacing, and other procedures at the same time as a facelift.  This does not significantly add to physical downtime but can increase social downtime. Dr. Harris describes physical downtime as “you don’t feel like going anywhere” and social downtime as “you don’t want to go anywhere”.  Before you think about having the surgery, you should ensure you have enough time scheduled to recover. Rushing the healing process can put you at risk for future complications. You’ll typically need 3-5 days for physical downtime and 1-2 weeks for social downtime.

Results from your facial rejuvenation are long-lasting. Skin will appear smoother, more radiant, and you will have a more youthful contour. Look years-younger and boost your self-confidence for upwards of 10-15 years with the help of a facelift, especially when combined with other procedures. Maintaining a proper skincare regime can prolong the outcome of your surgery. Although the aging process will continue, you will still look younger than if you hadn’t had the surgery for a lifetime to come.

You may be a good candidate for the procedure if you are an otherwise healthy adult with realistic expectations about what the procedure can do for you. Nicotine use is strictly forbidden for 6 weeks before and after surgery. Facelift surgery should be done for you and you alone.

During your in-person consultation, Dr. Harris will complete a full facial evaluation and talk to you about your options. He may find that you may be better suited for a different procedure. Facelifts are highly-customizable and can be done alone or alongside other surgical or non-surgical procedures to meet your aesthetic goals.

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*Individual outcomes may vary.

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