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Breast Enhancement

*Breast enhancement procedures are designed to help women achieve the kind of body shape they’ve always wanted. Breast enhancement can mean different things to different people; for example, it could involve breast reduction, or it could include procedures that correct asymmetrical breasts. Women who undergo breast enhancement procedures often report very high satisfaction ratings with their results.

Procedure Options

Image Surgical Arts is pleased to offer a variety of breast enhancement options designed to help patients achieve their ideal body shape. Take a look at the following options you can enjoy at Image Surgical Arts:

Breast Augmentation

*A breast augmentation procedure uses saline or silicone implants to add shape and volume to a patient’s current breasts. Women who are interested in breast augmentation procedures may want larger breasts or to correct asymmetrical breasts. Breast augmentation can also be performed with fat transfers, which uses a patient’s own fat to increase bust size.

Breast Augmentation Paducah

*individual results may vary*

Breast Lift

*A breast lift procedure is designed to lift and improve the appearance of drooping or sagging breasts. During the surgery, the nipples and areolas are repositioned for a more youthful appearance, while excess skin is trimmed away to highlight the new shape. Usually, an implant is placed at the same time to deliver better and longer lasting results. The best candidates for breast lift procedures may be women who have undergone pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss and are unhappy with their breasts.

Breast Reduction

*A breast reduction procedure does exactly what it promises – it reduces the size of the breasts so that the patient can enjoy smaller, more symmetrical breasts. The breast reduction procedure involves removing breast fat and glandular tissue so that the patient can be relieved of back and neck problems. Results from breast reduction procedures can be seen immediately after the surgery has been performed.

Take The First Step

Ready to learn more about Breast Enhancement? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Brady Harris at Image Surgical Arts in Paducah, KY by filling out the contact form on this page or by simply giving us a call at (270) 366-1932.

*Individual results may vary*

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